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In the beginning, the Club was founded in 1901 in the area of Ballintemple in Cork City.

In 1902, in order to keep the Swimmers together during the winter months, the members formed Dolphin Rugby Club. The Club has been very fortunate with the Voluntary help it has had at its disposal down through the years, to help with the running of the Clubs activities and affairs. The work done within a Swimming Club for the Children and Youth is very special, as it includes Teaching all the Special Skills required for Swimming, Life-saving and Water polo. We salute all these good people, and we would certainly welcome some new people to come forward and get involved with the Club.

The running of the Club.

The Club is run by a group of members on a voluntary basis and respect for their efforts should always be afforded them.

Finance plays a major role in keeping the Club in the water; the generation of funds for the Club is a constant challenge. To enable us to carry on our activities it is very necessary that all of our members help us once or twice a year in our many Fund-raising events, please bear this in mind. Without that essential help, teaching young children to swim and life-save would eventually cease. Our Annual

General Meeting is held once a year, we would like to see all Parents or Guardians come along to this meeting for 2 hours, if for nothing else but to acknowledge the work being done with and for their children.

Club sessions & times.

Learn to swim sessions for Children 6 years to 14 years.

Mayfield Pool - Saturdays 11am - 12pm

Sundays 11am - 12pm

.Competitive Swimming.

Advanced training Group Each Weekday 6.00am - 8.00am

Mayfield pool Saturday 6.00am-8.00am

(gym) Sat 8.00am-9.00am

Saturday 5.00pm 7.00am

Intermediate Training Group Each Tuesday 7pm - 9pm

Mayfield pool Each Thursday 6pm - 8pm

Each Saturday 9am 10am

On being accepted as a member of the competitive squad, it is deemed that the objectives of the swimmer are the same as those of the Club, therefore swimmers joining the Intermediate Training Group are expected to progress to the Advanced Group when they are ready in the opinion of the Coach. They are expected to attend and compete in the programme of events as selected by the Coach during the competitive season, and will only be excused from this by prior agreement with the Coach of their particular squad and the committee.

Swimmers Code of Conduct.

This code applies to all swimmers.

1 All swimmers are expected to attend ALL training/teaching sessions, unless excused by the    coach.

2 Swimmers should be ready to enter the water at the appointed time. I.e. if a session is due to start at 6.30am then a swimmer should be on the bank, with hat, goggles, FULL water bottle and other requirements at this time, this applies to all other session start times also.

3 Any swimmer who in the opinion of the coach or a committee member disrupts the lane, ignores instructions or is disrespectful in any way may be required to meet with the coach and the committee and the complaints committee to address the matter

4 Any swimmer absent from 4 or more consecutive session cannot return to the squad sessions

   without consulting with the coach of that squad.

5 Failure to comply with the above may lead to suspension or expulsion.


In the interest of comfort and safety for all users of the complex, Swimmers are requested to use the dressing room in an orderly manner, to respect the privacy and right to peace of all other users of the facilities and to report any problems in this area to the management of the complex and the committee. Swimmers must at all times exercise care when walking on the pool deck, the use of pool shoes is advised. Running and boisterous behaviour are forbidden as is diving in the shallow end of the pool. Swimmers are not to leave the pool/dressing room areas during a session except with the consent of the coach and one of their parents or guardians. It is in the interest of safety for the swimmers to be brought into the complex by an adult prior to their training session and to be collected from inside the complex after their training session.

Swimmers should not be dropped off at the pool without first ensuring that the pool is open and some member of the Club staff is present.

Should the coach remove a swimmer from a session that swimmer must dress and represent him/herself to the coach and remain in the spectators gallery until he/she is collected.

Any teacher/coach/member or parent who feels the need to complain about any matter may do so verbally or in writing to the complaints Committee or the Child Liaison officer. Any complaints arising from an incident of any description should be made as soon as possible after the incident. All complaints will receive the prompt attention of the Committee and any other personnel as required by the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Childrens Sport in Ireland.

Swim meets (Home & Away)

The coach of each squad will select a programme of events for the competitive season. Swimmers will be expected to attend all of these meets. As much notice of the details of these event will be issued to parents and swimmers as possible. At home meets, once entered the swimmer is liable for the entry fees irrespective of whether he/she swims in the event or not. Parents of the swimmers will be expected to attend for support and to act as team - managers, officials and timekeepers as necessary. At away meets, again arrangements will be made for the squad and all swimmers will be expected to attend unless prior arrangements have been made with the coach and the committee. Parents will be expected to act as team - managers, drivers, officials and timekeepers as necessary.

We encourage the participation of parents in these activities as it creates a strong friendly atmosphere in the Club and demonstrates support for the competitors.

In the event of any arrangements on away trips being changed i.e. return times etc. All reasonable attempts to contact parents will be made by the Team Manager. Parents should always provide a contact number to a travelling swimmer in case of emergency.

Rules for Home & Away Meets.

1 All swimmers are to be at the meeting point at the appointed time.

2 All swimmers are required to wear Club kit for the duration of the meet.

3 As a representative of Dolphin Swimming Club swimmers are required to

   dress and behave in a fitting manner.

4 Socially Improper language is not acceptable either in the company of teammates or in


5 Curfews and other restrictions must be obeyed.

6 The consumption of alcohol is forbidden, unless with the express permission of the Team


7 Team members are required to sit with the Team at all times during competition.

8 Disciplinary action may be taken against swimmers who infringe the above rules.

Getting to Know everyone.

You will get to know everyone by coming along to all the meets, training sessions, social functions, fund-raising events and meetings. You can also be present on the spectators gallery of all training sessions, where you are bound to meet other Club members.

The list of Club Committee members and contact addresses and phone numbers will be posted on the Club notice board each September.

Club membership fees and monthly training fees will be reviewed each season by the committee and will be advertised on the notice board and by circular. Unfortunately the pool prices are on an upward spiral.

Fees and when they are due

The Club membership fees are payable on joining and the monthly training fees are payable on or before 10th of each month to the treasurer.

Entry fees and travel/accommodation fees for swim meets will be payable at advised dates pertaining to the particular event, payable to the treasurer.

Swim Ireland levies (figures will be advised annually) usually fall due in November to enable the committee to process them and submit them by the December deadline, payable to the treasurer.

Contacts in Dolphin Swimming Club

 Sept 2001-Aug 2002

Hon President

Mrs Pat Donovan,

Hon Chairman

Mrs Mary Higgins

Hon Vice-Chairman

Mrs Mary Coveney,

Hon. Treasurer

Mrs. Christine O Halloran,

Hon. Secretary

Mrs. Brenda O Dowling,


Mrs Berna Donovan, Mrs Mary O Keeffe, Mr Paddy Power,


PM   Mr Paddy Power,     AM  Mr Kieran Cashell,

Ms. Niamh O Halloran, Ms. Maria Higgins, Mrs Mary Higgins, Mrs Christine O Halloran

Mrs Miriam Lynham.

Club Childrens Officers

Mrs Catherine O Neill, Mr. Peter Barry

E. &. 0.E.

Sept 2001.

The Committee

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